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Expressions of Untold Stories -  Online Student Exhibit
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Expressions of Untold Stories


Huron High School’s 10th grade African American Humanities Accelerated Class (AC) has put together a collection of artwork reflecting their interpretation of August Wilson’s PIANO LESSON and the African American Experience during the early twentieth century. This Spring, they visited the Jon Onye Lockard Exhibit: Sankofa. Guided by teachers Anthony Stewart and Kimberly Wright, students explored the creative process of inspiration and the power of symbolism in the timeless work of his art. Especially Adinkra symbols whose representations and meanings are used to bestow wisdom and knowledge.


Lockard’s mottos were "Make them hear you"; and "Think about what you think about."  He was an amazing artist, muralist, master painter, historian and story teller. At the time of his passing, he was completing a series of books for students, emerging artists, and art appreciators encompassing over 50 years of insights in the arts . When you see this exhibit – you will feel  Sankofa in action – It is not wrong, to go back for that which you have forgotten” The knowledge of the past must be present  - so the awareness can be passed on to the next generations for our best future.


The student artwork was on exhibit surrounded by the paintings of Jon Lockard.

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