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The Museum is looking for these items and more

The AACHM wants to be the primary institution for the housing and
care of artifacts that represent the African American community.
The Museum collects objects from daily life, military service, and

business and cultural events, as well as from religious, social,political, historical and educational experiences.

  • Documents, letters, photographs, photo albums, scrapbooks

  • Journals, diaries, business and church records and programs

  • Organizational records, event programs, obituaries, family Bibles

  • Everyday objects with a family, business or organizational history

  • Household items, toys, tools, furniture, textiles, clothing etc.

  • Historical material with local, state, national and/or international impact

  • Artwork, 2 and 3 dimensional, created by local artists

  • Digital and film, video, audio recordings, oral histories and interviews

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